I Want To Go On A Trip

san fran         When I was 16-years-old, I went to San Francisco with my parents. I remember thinking then, while walking all over the city, that I was going to return one day. Though not being able to truly explain it, I just knew it was a city that I needed to get back to. I am 48-years-old and I never returned to that amazing city. If someone asked me what my dream vacation would be, I would have to say San Francisco, hands down. There is no other place that I would like to go.

Now, my husband and I have been together for over 30 years and he is well aware of me wanting to take this trip. Everyone I know, is aware of my love for this place. I even have a picture of The Golden Gate Bridge, above my couch (see above). And, while talking about it so much over the years, I have even convinced my husband that this too, is also a place that he would like to visit. Now, he will say that he wants to go because he wants to see me happy (so sweet, that man of mine) but I truly believe (or hope) he is just as excited. I am happy to say that we will finally be traveling there, in the next couple of months. My husband tells me that I think of the negative in every situation even if its a good thing. This is something that he is right about. I’m very concerned that San Francisco and all of its greatness is something that I made up in my head; that something I have built up and talked about for so many years, won’t be that great. All of the pictures and YouTube videos says different but its still a concern.

Has anyone taken a trip to somewhere, they thought was going to be amazing and it turned out to be less than? Please share your thoughts or comments. If you have been to San Francisco, I would love to hear about it. Much love to all of you wunderful people!

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