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If you’re really trying to set the mood this Valentine’s Day, you’re going to need something a little more romantic than the predictable bouquet of roses or giant teddy bear. I love this day of romance and I thought it would be a great idea to come up with some other romantic things to do on this day.

1. Hide love notes throughout your house.
2. Create a romantic dinner, at home, alone.   heart-in-hands-1475129216
3. Write “I Love You” in rose petals on your bed.
4. Share a bubble bath. Ohhh… la… la!
5. Send romantic quotes to each other throughout the day via email or texts.
6. Be lazy all day. Stay in your pajamas, order takeout and watch movies.
7. Play a game together (maybe strip poker)
8. Take out an ad in the local newspaper declaring your love.
9. Go to the spa together, for the day.
10. Find a cooking class to attend together on Valentine’s Day
11. Schedule a couple’s massage.
12. Take photos of the 2 of you together and create a collage.
13. Take a romantic walk around the neighborhood and stop at a café or bakery.
14. Call each other throughout the day just to say “I Love You”
double-heart--free-images--1715. Play romantic music and prepare his/her favorite snacks and drinks for when they get home from work.
16. Meet each other for “lunch” during work.
17. Put a sexy photo of you in his/her briefcase/purse (a little daring!)
18. If you’re a blogger, create a beautiful post to your love.
19. Build a fire and enjoy a drink and each other’s company.
20. Play “50 Questions” with each other. See how many answers you can get right!
21. Give each other a foot massage.
22. Grab some massage oil and give each other a back massages.
23. Invite friends over for a couples evening; including drinks, food and music and games.
24. Depending upon the weather, a picnic in the park/backyard
25. If you can, surprise him or her by bringing them to the very spot you met.
26. Head to a local Observatory to check out the stars.
27. You can always try for a baby on Valentine’s Day. (Ba-Da-Bing!)images
28. Bake something together. Sweets for the sweets!
29. Enjoy a nice hot shower or a bubble bath…together!
30. Grab some body paint and use each other as a canvas.
31. Create a coupon book of special things he or she can redeem.
32. Check into a local hotel for a fun evening “away.”
33. Enjoy a weekend away at a beautiful hotel or Inn!
34. Make a list of why you’re in love with each other.
35. Hire someone to cook you a romantic dinner at home
36. Treat your sweetie to a full makeover at the mall
37. Write a love poem
38. Head to a local sports event.
39. Go ice-skating and then head home to “warm-up.”
40. Make a personalized game (you could do this online!)
41. Head to a local brewery.
42. Head to a local vineyard.Red-Heart-Tree
43. Visit your local museum.
44. Sit and just chat in a cute, cozy café or bakery.
45. Write on your mirrors with lipstick “I love you!”
46. Reenact your 1st date.
47. Find a comedy show in your area.
48. Call in sick and spend the entire day together. Get to know each other again.

You don’t have to spend any money to show the one that you love, how much they mean to you.

If you have any great ideas, please share them. There might be some wunderful people who need them.

Don’t forget to subscribe! Sending love out to everyone!

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