Why Are Our Children Dying?



How many of you are getting tired of turning on the television, only to see how much violence there is in our world; in our schools? School shootings are beginning to brand our map like some sort of infectious outbreak. Many of us are scratching our heads and wondering “Why?” Others are saying “Enough is enough!” As much as I agree that enough IS enough, answering the “why” means that we have to look back and accept what we see.

I remember a life when there were no school shootings. It was a time when we were a melting pot, with an extraordinary American way of life into which we understood proudly. Parents were unquestionably in charge of their children, and if you got out of line, you got dad’s belt, not a few minutes in a “time-out” chair. When you went to school, the teacher was completely in charge, and defiance there got you the principal’s paddle and not a counseling plan and a conversation about your “feelings.” While you’re in school, you learned that you were “one of a kind” and that you were unique and of course, made by the Almighty. God was always spoken in school and not treated like a hazardous virus that needs to be disinfected and cleaned away. Then, when you got home from school and AFTER you did your homework, you had quality television and radio, board games and outdoor sports with your friends. You didn’t have video games full of horrible violence where the winning score came from how many people you killed or robbed or how much destruction you caused.

school shooting picture

Parents are failing their children. We are not teaching today’s children to be kind, respectful and considerate of other people’s feelings, empathy, accountability, manners, character and boundaries.  Instead, we are teaching them that what they have, in terms of materialistic things, is above all things. I believe we should support our children but never when they do something wrong. They should always be held accountable and unfortunately, that’s not happening.

When you recognize that things have to change, the wisest thing you can do is go back to when you know things worked.

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